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Christopher is a great tutor for my daughter, Ania! He individualized instruction to fit her learning style, interests, and needs. He also takes into consideration what we want for our child and consistently asks for feedback. After each session, he will have Ania explain to us what she learned. I also like that Christopher gives me recommendations for how I can help my daughter improve her math skills.

Joshua Rendon

I appreciate the mentoring and transitioning services that Christopher has provided for my son Hamilton. Christopher has helped Hamilton transition from high school to adulthood by teaching him independent, functional, and social skills. Most importantly, he has been a positive role model in Hamilton's life.

Lylliam Chirip

I first sought out Gladys for a special education consultation in 2020 to support me with making the transition to pre-school. Every time we meet to discuss my son's unique needs, she reviews the IEP thoroughly. She gives me advice and game plans with me so I feel informed and included in the special education process. She advocates during our 10+ person IEP meetings but most of all I love that she centers the needs of the child and gives him and our family a voice.

Melissa Alcala Salvatore

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